+ Sri Lanka’s vehicle imports recovered in January 2018, with big increases seen in small cars, scooters and heavy trucks, especially tipper trucks. Total car registrations in January rose to 5,306 units, a significant increase from the 3,394 units registered in December 2017, with small cars accounting for the bulk of new and second-hand imports.

+ The Vehicle Importers Association of Lanka (VIAL), the main automobile importers association in Sri Lanka, has embarked on a new strategy to protect customers from being swindled. Under this new VIAL scheme, this is a mechanism whereby customers are able to identify authentic car sale showrooms. This will enable customers to buy their vehicles without falling prey to fraudsters.

+ Sri Lanka will cut taxes on electric cars by at least one million rupees. Taxes on the importation of electric three wheelers and buses will also be reduced. On the other hand, the import taxes on high end fossil fuelled cars will be increased by almost 2.5 million rupees.